The future home of GNUJet and the support site for JetBBS
Coming soon...hopefully :)

If you have any JetBBS material you'd like to send me, please contact me via e-mail at
SporkSchivago _AT_ (replace the _AT_ with an @ and remove all spaces).
I'm very interested in any message database files from when the JetBBS servers were up
and a physical manual. I'm also looking for any registered JetBBS versions before 5.0B (the freeware version).

If you're visting this site and all of a sudden you can't visit anymore, chances are real good that my server
mistook something you did as an attack and you've been permanently blocked from my website. Please feel free to
send me an e-mail with your IP address so I can remove the ban. Also, please let me know what you were doing at
the time so I can try and prevent people from accidently getting blocked in the future. I have setup my server
in such a way where no matter what browser you're using, every time you visit, you should always get the latest
version of the site. You shouldn't have to remove your cache in something like Chrome, just visit the site and
it should load the latest version. If anyone wants to help write the site, please contact me via e-mail.
It might take a little bit for me to respond, but writing html isn't one of my strong suites and my time is
limited now. Thank you!